IDL15-0142 Motion Control Board “Blackbear”



The IDL15-0142 Motion Control Board is an excellent choice to control a wide range of applications, including stepper motors when microstepping or even when smoother fading is desired between steps. The IDL15-0142 can control motors with up to 5 independently addressable H Bridges at a constant current of up to 12A. The easy to use, Arduino compatible Teensy3.2 microcontroller is included in the IDL15-0142 and pre-programmed with pin information in our “Hello World” program. The IDL15-0142 can be powered by any off the shelf, 24 pin, ATX power supply and is rated for standard 12V operation up to 18V operation. The motors can be independently controlled with a PWM input signal of up to 20kHz and a direction signal. The IDL15-0142 extra Input/Output circuitry is capable of driving variable speed control of 2-lead fans, thermistors, and an encoder. The IDL15-0142 connects to your PC with a Micro USB connection.

The clean potentiometer header can provide accurate and fast position feedback. Or use the quadrature encoder inputs to connect directly to the microcontroller’s quadrature decoder hardware to measure position without any processing overhead. The buck-converter built onto the board allows you to control inexpensive, 2-wire fans at any speed and voltage up to the board’s supply voltage. Talk to our IO expansion boards via the RJ12 header, or use it to integrate your other serial or I2C devices. The IDL15-0142 may require cooling if supplying more than 7A. Custom support is available; Contact us with your application and we can get you moving today!


  • Program with ease and a massively supportive community using the Teensy 3.2 microcontroller.
  • 96MHz, 32 bit microcontroller with floating point ALU (Teensy 3.2)
  • 24 pin ATX power supply connection
  • 5x VNH505A-E full H-bridge motor driver
  • Filtered current sense for each H Bridge
  • Buck-converter for variable fan speed control of single-speed fans
  • Buffered and filtered 3.3V line for fast and clean potentiometer readings


  • 5x HBridge outputs (PWM magnitude + single pin direction + analog current sense feedback)
  • 3 Analog/ PWM pins
  • 2 Digital Pins
  • 1 RJ connector
    • I2C (IDL+SCK, pulled up to 5V)
    • Serial UART (RX+TX)
    • 5V and GND
  • 0-12V PWM controllable fan output

Supply Connectors:

  • 20 PIN ATX Power Supply
  • 4 PIN Minifit Jr, 12 – 18V

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 4 x .5 in