In 2013, Iris Dynamics launched a successful Kickstarter program, raising $86,000 of seed funding.  In 2014, Iris Dynamics received additional investor financing that was used for purchasing equipment, hiring staff, leasing facilities, acquiring inventory and funding R&D.  We developed our innovative (now patent-pending) technology and engaged with key beta users, including NASA and several other customers.

In early 2015, we began shipping Kickstarter rewards to customers based on our first-generation control-loading yoke.  This yoke was a breakthrough in performance, but was expensive to manufacture.  Consequently, in mid-2015, we undertook to redesign the product before fulfilling the remainder of the Kickstarter rewards.

IMG_20160119_113726 (Large)
Kickstarter Rewards being assembled

This new design uses the elegant Siilk™ two-axis actuator.  This actuator, also available as a stand alone product, provides all of the critical mechanical and electrical components in a single assembly.  We expect the Siilk actuator to be popular with our OEM clients who are building their own simulation equipment.  In fact, we have a version that is being used in an Olympic bobsled simulator!  By modularizing our actuator, we can now ramp up our production volume of yoke assemblies and fulfill the remainder of our Kickstarter rewards starting in late 2015.

Thank-you to all of our Kickstarter backers for your support and patience.  We hope that you will be very pleasantly surprised when you receive your reward!

Dragonfly™ 20003 Kickstarter yoke bodies

Update: December 31, 2015.  As promised, we have begun shipping our Siilk actuator based yoke to the remaining Kickstarter backers.  We are hoping to completely satisfy the backlog over the next several weeks. For those who care about such things, these are the Dragonfly™ 20003 (2k3) model yokes. The 20001 (2k1) is our original extended-stroke device and the 20002 (2k2) yoke is a custom design provided to NASA for their Oshkosh Airventure 2015 demo. There will also be lots of good news coming from Iris Dynamics in the near future, so check back often.

Update: March 28, 2016: We are wrapping up the final reward shipments to KickStarter backers.  We expect to be complete in just a few weeks.  Hot on the heels of achieving this milestone, we are introducing a pair of new products, the IDL-20004 DragonflyVR Flight Yoke and the machined aluminum IDL-300-020 Flight Yoke Handle.  The IDL-20004 is based on the KickStarter Dragonfly Yoke and the IDL-300-020 handle is brand new…. but may be retrofitted to KS reward units, with an appropriate firmware update.  Check our Products page for more information.  The new products will be available in early April.

Update: April 27, 2016: Iris Dynamics has completed the fullfillment of all Kickstarter Rewards.  Thank-you to all of our Kickstarter backers who persevered as we simultaneously invented revolutionary new technology, designed innovative new products and built a dynamic new company from the ground up.