Welcome to Iris Dynamics

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Transforming how people interact with machines.

Iris Dynamics produces precision motion control systems that takes simulation to the next level.

Our patent-pending electromagnetic servo actuator technology provides precision haptic feedback and variable force feedback control loading at a significantly lower cost than older, less sophisticated methods based on gears, belts, hydraulics and pneumatics.

Our breakthrough technology uses advanced 3D electromagnetic modelling, proprietary algorithms, and precision control to create a high-fidelity operating experience.  With few moving parts, our devices are ideally suited for motion control systems in flight simulators, aircraft control systems, submersibles, motor vehicles and heavy equipment. Used by NASA, the FAA, Airbus Perlan, Lockheed-Martin and numerous simulation equipment integrators, our technology has established a new standard of high performance and cost effectiveness.

Due to the smoothness and precise control of applied forces, our servo actuator technology has been adapted to critical process control applications in semiconductor manufacturing.  The absence of torque ripple or cogging minimizes manufacturing variances and increases process yield.  For the same reasons the technology benefits apply to pharmaceutical manufacturing, delicate instrument construction, microsurgery and other precision robotic applications.



  • Cost effective and easy to use variable force control-loading upgrade to existing simulation and ‘fly-by-wire’ systems.
  • Low latency, anti-cogging and virtually frictionless operation provides smooth real-time response.
  • A single moving part increases reliability, lowers maintenance costs and provides fail-safe operation in fly-by-wire power assist applications.
  • Accurate force modeling enhances realism, reduces training costs and allows customization for operator feel.
  • Provides better simulator training outcomes that improve safety and reduce end-use equipment operation costs such as maintenance, fuel and depreciation.


  • Training and Simulation Equipment
  • Remote-Controlled Subsea/Submersibles
  • Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems
  • Piloted Aircraft fly-by-wire Systems
  • Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)
  • Heavy Equipment Control Systems
  • Automotive Control Systems
  • Industrial Automation & Robotics
  • Semiconductor & Pharmaceutical Precision Handling